Kit BerryWelcome! Stonewylde is the contemporary story of a hidden place in Dorset. Set on a beautiful country estate, the community farm their land organically, living simply and in harmony with nature as their ancestors did before them. Everything seems perfect - the wind farm and solar panels, the rural celebrations in the barn, the ancient stone circle and megaliths clustered all over the landscape. But of course nothing is ever perfect.

Stonewylde has captured the imaginations of a huge following. Readers respond passionately to the issues raised in Stonewylde, to the conflicts between the characters and the tension that builds throughout the five books. Stonewylde is not fantasy, yet it seems like another world – a green and idyllic place where darkness hides malignantly in the corners, waiting to be unleashed.

Have a browse here and then try the first book, Magus of Stonewylde. Who knows - you may find, like many other readers have claimed, that Stonewylde opens your eyes and changes your life. The concepts are unique, the emotions universal. And it's a beautiful story.


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Moon Phase


We have an ancient and sacred relationship with the moon which affects behaviour, fertility, the tides and the growth of plants.

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Kit Berry Author Visit to Thornden School


Kit Berry enjoys visiting schools, libraries and other events, where she gives talks and runs creative writing workshops.


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