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Four Stonewylde Series Book Covers

Welcome to my Reviews page. Here you will find links to online reviews I have found scattered around the Internet. These you can read online.

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Magus of Stonewylde

become absorbed in this captivating plot populated with alluring characters . . .

Magus of Stonewylde is the perfect set up for extraordinary things to come ... Book Chick City

she soon spots the serpents in this paradise ... Financial Times

a wonderful page-turner of a book that will keep you wanting more ... Book Monkey Scribbles

Difficult for me to add to the superlatives that others have already given ... Amazon Reviews

It’s beautifully written, the characters vivid ... Tatty's Treasure Chest

a mix of benign and malevolent vivid characters ... Bookgeeks

An emotional and compelling read ... Kaylaharriswriter

This is a disturbing and grasping book which lingers with you long after you have finished it The Guardian


Moondance of Stonewylde

if a book can make me feel so passionately, I know it must be good ... Book Chick City

Magus in particular is a character who draws a direct sense of moral outrage from the reader ... The British Fantasy Society

Tension is built up relentlessly, and the climax of the novel doesn't fail to disappoint ... Bookbag

has great pace as well as character depiction which makes this all in a magical experience ... Tatty's Treasure Chest

The journey through the story is paved with unexpected twists ... Bookgeeks

It was late when I finished reading Moondance last night, a total 'page turner' some pages being turned whilst I held my breath ... Kitchen Witch Blog

I was under no illusion this time when I approached Moondance, there was no doubt that I would be taken deeper into the rabbit hole and shown an even darker side to Stonewylde. ... Kaylaharriswriter


Solstice at Stonewylde

It was the ending I hoped it would be; emotional, it sent my heart racing ... Book Chick City

hugely satisfying and very intense ... Bookbag

characters that really keep this novel gripping as death and mayhem ensue ... Tatty's Treasure Chest

a very absorbing and page turning tale ... Bookgeeks

different take on fantasy and magic ... British Fantasy Society


Shadows at Stonewylde

Kit Berry's writing is as vivid as ever ... Bookbag

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