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Dorset Wildlife...
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Dorset Wildlife Rescue

We just wanted to say how fantastically chuffed we are that the very lovely Kit Berry has agreed to be our Patron... We were a bit worried and nervous about meeting a famous author for the first time... but we really needn't have been... Kit was truly lovely.... our fox cubs fell in love with her as much as we did....Kit has a special connection to nature that is wonderful to see and explains why her books are so beautiful....Thanks a million Kit... can't wait to meet up again....
Your becoming our patron has made our year...
Big Love to you, Mr B and all your Stonewylde readers...
Nick and Sandi :) XXX Dorset Wildlife Rescue

Kit Berry
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Joined: Fri, 15/04/2011 - 17:49
Thank you!

Oh - what a lovely thing to say! I really hope that we Stonewylders will be able to help your brilliant charity. Anyone got any fund-raising ideas?

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