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Magus of Stonewylde

I just wanted to say I finished reading Magus of Stonewylde last night and I loved it! I couldn't put it down and became completely wrapped up in the world of Yul and Sylvie. It is beautifully written and appeals so much to me being someone spiritual who loves places like Glastonbury, Stonehenge and the like! Your descriptions of nature are beautiful too and I certainly felt I was there myself in Stonewylde every minute I was reading it. Thankyou so much for creating a book which mixes magic, spirituality, nature, romance and intrigue, something have been looking for a long time!
I was in Chelmsford library looking for something to read, and Magus of Stonewylde was the first book I saw and I was very drawn it, especially as it had pictures of standing stones! I'm so glad I found it and will now be ordering the next copy to find out what happens, can't wait (:

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I've found Stonewylde!

Hi, I'm new to Stonewylde and half way through the first book. I'm hooked! It was reviewed in Spirit & Destiny mag a few years ago,and on seeing the Stonewylde site advertised on The White Goddess Portal it jogged my memory. So I decided to read it :)

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