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Glastonbury Radio - interview with Kit on Witching Hour

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Glastonbury Radio logo

December 23rd 2008 and repeated all week- Glastonbury Radio - interview with Kit on "Witching Hour". Thanks to a request from one of the Stonewylde Forum members, Kit was interviewed by Liz and Trevor of Glastonbury Radio . Liz is a Stonewylde fan herself, and the books sell very well in Glastonbury (no surprise there!). Kit answered questions about Stonewylde.

Festival of Tantra & Healing Arts, Dartmouth, Devon

Sunday, December 7, 2008
Kit berry talks at Festival of Tantra & Healing Arts, Dartmouth

Kit was invited by the organisers of this lovely event to give a talk about Stonewylde, and was especially looking forward to this as she's never visited Dartmouth before. What a beautiful little town! The Tantra Festival was great, held in the Flavel Centre and just flowing with peace and energy. There were many tantric workshops, healers, complementary therapists and of course wonderful stalls. The group who attended her talk were a real mixed bunch, but all had one thing in common - their love and respect for Mother Earth and the natural world. Kit explained how Stonewylde was born, and how her experiences with nature and earth energy changed the course of her life and inspired her to write the Stonewylde Series. She also talked of the pagan calendar and the eight festivals of the year, and many who hadn't already read the books bought signed copies. Kit hopes to return to Dartmouth next year, as she really enjoyed herself talking to such open and welcoming people.

Kit Berry with fans at the Dartmouth Festival of Tantra and Healing ArtsThe other highlight of this visit was meeting up with several members of the Stonewylde Forum for the first time! They'd come from different parts of Cornwall and Devon especially to meet Kit and each other, and a very enjoyable hour was spent in the cafe at the Flavel Centre. It was great to put faces to names at last, and Kit felt honoured to meet some of her very loyal supporters. It was interesting to see such a spread of ages too - indicative of Stonewylde's wide appeal. Cornmother presented everyone with a beautiful corn dolly she'd made especially, and the two girls working in the cafe insisted on Kit signing their T-shirts!

Park House School, Newbury

Monday, December 1, 2008
Kit Berry with pupils at Park House School Newbury

Kit spent two days at the Park House School talking to the whole of Year 10, who are about to start on their "Original Writing" coursework for the English GCSE. Kit was made very welcome by Mrs Tyrrell the school librarian, who'd made a lovely Stonewylde display. The teaching took place in the library with eight different classes over the two days, and the students were excellent. They heard of how Kit wrote her books and how everyone can use real life experiences and anecdotes as inspiration for their writing. Kit Berry with pupils at Park House School NewburyKit had a wonderful time at the school and enjoyed working with so many youngsters and teachers. And hopefully her time there will help them if they're stuck for ideas.

More to Life Than Shoes

Thursday, November 20, 2008
More To Life Than Shoes logo

Kit was interviewed for this fantastic lifestyle website for women, in the section "I love my job". She spoke of all aspects of life as a writer and why being an author is such a great job. Kit will be writing more for the website soon - her top tips for would-be writers. Click here to read the interview.

Spirit and Destiny, Dec

Monday, November 17, 2008
Kit Berry in Spirit and Destiny, Dec 2008

Magus of Stonewylde received glowing reviews in December's issue of Spirit and Destiny, which is billed as "The UK's No.1 Spiritual Lifestyle Magazine".

Three of the magazine's Book Club readers reviewed the book, with great praise such as "The author has a huge talent for descriptive writing" and "I found myself totally absorbed - this is escapism at its best".

The magazine has now requested Moondance of Stonewylde and Solstice at Stonewylde to review in future editions, so watch this space next year!

House Beautiful, Dec/Jan

Sunday, November 16, 2008
House Beautiful, Dec/Jan issue 2008

Kit and her huge family were part of a special Christmas feature in this popular glossy magazine, which also mentioned Stonewylde and her writing. The magazine had been looking for a family where everyone descended at Christmas, and Kit and Mr B certainly fitted the bill for this! There was a lovely photo of both of them and some members of their family posing with sleeping bags and towels (part of the Nightmare of Christmas when there are so many bods to accommodate!) and Kit gave some top tips for coping at this busy festive season when the family descend.

Waterstone's Swindon

Saturday, November 1, 2008
Witchy Kit Berry at Waterstones Swindon

This was Kit's third visit to this busy branch, and once again the staff were wonderful. They'd especially booked Kit for this day as they were all dressed up in Hallowe'en outfits and she was the witchiest author they knew! Kit spent a lively couple of hours in the store chatting to customers and signing her books. Although Kit Berry with the staff from Waterstones, SwindonStonewylde is largely read by adults, this particular visit saw many teenage boys buying the series and Kit enjoyed talking to them about the young hero of the novels - fifteen year old Yul. Many thanks to all the staff for their efforts, and especially Hayley, the red witch, and Kev the assistant manager dressed as Dracula.

Best magazine, Issue 44

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Kit Berry in Best magazine, Issue 44

Another great double paged feature on Kit and her interesting life story - the rise from single frumpy school teacher to happily married author! Kit and Mr B had spent a morning posing for the photographer and the photos in this feature were great. There was also one of Kit and her sons on her wonderful wedding day, looking very glamorous, and a highly embarrassing one of Kit before her transformation.

Western Morning News - Cornwall

Friday, October 10, 2008
Kit Berry in the Western Morning News

Kit was interviewed recently by features writer Denise O'Leary of this well known daily west country newspaper. Many thanks to Stonewylde fan Cornmother for making the introduction. Denise was interested in Kit's connections with Devon and Cornwall and has written a very good whole page feature. You can read the scanned PDF version (380K) with pictures or the text only Western Morning News version on their website.

Waterstones, Dorchester

Friday, September 5, 2008
Kit Berry at Waterstones, Dorchester

Kit spent a really fun morning in Dorchester, looked after by Jenny of the Waterstone's staff, and met many old fans who'd come in specially to say hello. One family where mum, dad and two daughters are all Stonewylde fans came in (this is their third book-signing visit) and another lady called Sylvia, who had to buy a new set of Stonewylde just so she had signed copies! Kit really enjoyed the morning, especially when another fan arrived complete with teenage children wearing Stonewylde T-shirts. They handed out cards to passers by, and were so supportive. This shop was the very first to stock Stonewylde in 2005 when it was Ottakers, and Kit really appreciated the lovely display the staff had made for her. Thanks to all who came in specially, and welcome to all new readers who bought the books.


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