2012 News and Events

Yeovil Waterstones book signing

Saturday, December 15, 2012
Kit Berry with Marcus Bishop, manager

I had a brilliant time at Yeovil Waterstones, my final event before Christmas. This little store has a big reputation, and Marcus Bishop the manager is very proactive in booking big names to do book signings. So I was delighted to be invited here, and spent a lovely couple of hours meeting lots of new people and signing copies of Stonewylde for them.

Poole Waterstones booksigning

Saturday, December 8, 2012
Kit Berry in Poole Waterstones with a new Stonewylde reader

The book signing event in Poole Waterstones was great fun and we were very busy, both with existing readers coming in to buy books and new Stonewylde readers too. Dee the manager, whom I'd met at the Poole Literary Festival a couple of years ago, looked after us very well and has promised to read Magus of Stonewylde herself. Poole was a-buzz with shoppers and we hope to return here next spring. The beautiful lady in the photo came in specially to buy Shaman of Stonewylde as a Christmas present for her father, who's apparently a big fan of the series.

Camberley Waterstones Signing

Friday, December 7, 2012
Kit Berry with Helen in Camberley Waterstones

I had a good third visit to the Waterstones branch in Camberley, Surrey, thanks to Helen inviting me back. She and the staff had created a beautiful Stonewylde display, and it was good to engage with many new readers. I hope that all the copies of Magus that were bought for Yule presents will be enjoyed - with the recipients rushing back to buy Moondance as soon as the shops are open again! I had a long chat with Helen about the series, for she is an avid fan herself and had lots of questions to ask me about the final book. Thanks to Helen, Cath and the other staff for looking after me again.

Imagine Books, Weymouth

Saturday, December 1, 2012
Ann, owner of Imagine Books, with Kit Berry

I spent a lovely afternoon at Imagine Books, an independent bookshop in Weymouth that's full of fascinating books of all sorts. Ann specialises in local authors too, and regularly runs events for them. It was lovely to see some familiar faces, and also to meet new Weymouth readers. I know I'll be returning to this fantastic little bookshop and it's wonderful that at last, my books are on sale in my dear old hometown!

The Oracle, Reading - lovely Waterstones booksigning

Saturday, November 24, 2012
Kit Berry at the Oracle, Reading

The book-signing event in the Oracle at Reading went really well. Once again, the manager Ray was wonderful and really looked after us. Nathalie, one of the booksellers there, has been a huge Stonewylde fan for ages and she too took great care of us (and got her Shaman signed). Lots of Stonewylde readers came in to get their signed copies of Shaman and it was lovely to see them. Many shoppers stopped by in this busy branch of Waterstones to take a look at Stonewylde, and loads of copies of the first book were bought. The photo here shows four very happy women with their purchases of Magus of Stonewylde - ostensibly as gifts for their daughters, but they all said they wanted to read the books too!  To see all the other photos taken on the day, take a look at the Stonewylde Facebook page here.

BBC Radio Berkshire - the Sarah Walker show

Friday, November 23, 2012
Sarah Walker with Kit Berry in the BBC Radio Berkshire studio

When I popped into the BBC Radio Berkshire studio back in October to record my interview with Katie Martin of BBC Radio Solent, I bumped into Sarah Walker and we got chatting. She was delighted to hear that I lived in Reading and we arranged to do a live interview to coincide with my book signing at The Oracle. It was a pleasure to talk to Sarah, who was fascinated by my early experiences and how I became a writer. She put me at ease, and during the last hour of her programme, we had three quite long discussions around the music and weather reports. It was strange knowing that so many Stonewylde readers were listening in online from various corners of the country. We'll be putting up the edited version of this radio interview soon.

Swindon Waterstones signing event

Saturday, November 17, 2012
Kit Berry and Swindon Waterstones booksellers

Mr B and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Swindon Waterstones, which we believe was the sixth visit here! This is thanks to Vicki, pictured off-duty in the photo, who is an avid Stonewylde fan. It was her day off on Saturday, but she came in specially to have her copy of Shaman of Stonewylde signed. Many lovely readers turned up to say hello and at times the entire front of the shop was crammed with Stonewylders all having a good old chat! Lots of local fans came to buy their copies of the final book, and one lady dashed down from Bristol and arrived just before I left. I've posted an album of photos in our forum and also on the Stonewylde page on Facebook - click here to look.  Thank you so much to all who came especially, and to Vicki and the other Waterstones booksellers for looking after us. 

Southampton West Quay Waterstones Signing

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Stonewylde readers queuing to buy Shaman of Stonewylde

Nicky Gale who works at Waterstones in West Quay, Southampton, is an avid Stonewylde fan. She invited me to do a signing event in her busy shop, and we had a great time there. Lots of readers turned up to get a signed copy of Shaman of Stonewylde, the final book in the series, and it was really wonderful to meet so many new faces. Everyone enjoyed the ceremony cakes I'd baked, and picked up a bookmark and badge to go with their book. Thanks very much to all the folk who'd come along specially to meet me and Mr B, and to Nicky for arranging the event. An album of photos taken at this event can be seen on the Stonewylde Facebook page here.

Book signing at Cat and Cauldron, Glastonbury

Saturday, October 27, 2012
Kit Berry in Cat and Cauldron, Glastonbury, with Stonewylde reader

We spent a fantastic two hours in the Cat and Cauldron - an amazing witchy shop in Glastonbury - and had a constant queue of excited Stonewylde readers waiting for their copies of Shaman of Stonewylde. It was lovely to see the familiar faces of members of the Stonewylde forum, and to meet new readers too. Many thanks to Liz and Trevor for hosting us - and what a shame we sold out of books! There's more about this event, and the ensuing meet-up in the George and Pilgrim over the road, followed by the fabulous Avalon Faerie Ball, on my blog here.


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