Shadows at Stonewylde

Shadows at Stonewylde book cover

 Shadows at Stonewylde is the fourth book in the series, and follows on from Solstice at Stonewylde.

Something’s lying patiently in wait, until the time is right . . .

Thirteen years have passed since Yul fought for his life at the quarry, and Stonewylde has flourished in a new, golden age.  But now the shadows are gathering.

Wild and disobedient, Leveret is the bad girl who disappears at night time and would rather roam the woods than sit in school.  Only Clip recognises the girl’s magical sensitivity and believes she may be the one to lead Stonewylde out of the approaching darkness.

The shadows thicken as Yul and Sylvie find that something – or someone – is tearing their beautiful relationship apart.  As Stonewylde starts to disintegrate, a sinister alliance is forming but they have no idea what evil they’re really up against . . .


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