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This is a list of my interviews that I have collected over the years and include videos as well as text. Click on each link to see more detail

BBC Radio Berkshire - the Sarah Walker show

Friday, November 23, 2012
Sarah Walker with Kit Berry in the BBC Radio Berkshire studio

When I popped into the BBC Radio Berkshire studio back in October to record my interview with Katie Martin of BBC Radio Solent, I bumped into Sarah Walker and we got chatting. She was delighted to hear that I lived in Reading and we arranged to do a live interview to coincide with my book signing at The Oracle. It was a pleasure to talk to Sarah, who was fascinated by my early experiences and how I became a writer. She put me at ease, and during the last hour of her programme, we had three quite long discussions around the music and weather reports. It was strange knowing that so many Stonewylde readers were listening in online from various corners of the country. We'll be putting up the edited version of this radio interview soon.

Gollancz Kit Berry 60 Second Interview

Kit Berry's picture
Gollancz 50 Years

I was interviewed for Gollancz's 60 second interview series in celebration of the David Gemmell Awards and the Stonewylde series being long listed. Find out who my first favourite author was and who I cited as my influences. There's plenty more I reveal in the interview, which can be found at the blog

Kit Berry interview at Waterstones, Guildford

Thursday, August 25, 2011
Kit Berry interviewed by Martyn Drake at Waterstones, Guildford

I was interviewed by Martyn Drake in Waterstone's, Guildford after I'd run a Writer's Workshop for young people. Find out what I said about becoming an author, the launch of Shadows at Stonewylde and the book tour, the future of Stonewylde and the exciting possibility of film, TV and audio books. I also talk about the growing community of fans and using social media to promote my books. And then ... hear what I have to say about the fifth and final book in the series!

Interview with Damh the Bard on DruidCast.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Druidcast network

Podcast of interview with Damh the Bard on DruidCast. Damh is a great Stonewylde fan and had asked Kit to be his guest for the April podcast which he puts out on DruidCast. They did an interview on skype lasting for over 40 minutes, which can be heard by clicking here. The DruidCast is listened to all over the world, and Damh really hopes that this interview will help spread the word about Stonewylde.

Interview on BBC Radio Devon with Judi Spiers!

Sunday, May 18, 2008
Kit Berry with Judi Spiers on BBC Radio Devon

Kit spent a wonderful morning in the studio with Judi Spiers in Exeter on her morning radio programme being interviewed live on air. Judi is a great Stonewylde fan - she's been well and truly Stonewylded - and this really came through in the programme. Judi admitted to being slightly moongazy herself. She'd finished the third book the night before the interview and of course asked the usual question - "When's Book 4 coming out?" Judi had some interesting ideas about what would happen next, but Kit gave nothing away! Kit and Judi discussed the books on air and Judi was excited by the idea of a film company being interested in the books. She began casting Magus there and then! Kit really enjoyed the interview and Judi put her at ease with her enthusiasm and friendliness. Listen to the interviews with Judi Spiers and then listen to her reading from the first few chapters of Magus of Stonewylde.Click here to listen to the full interview
Click here to listen to Magus of Stonewylde (Part 1)
Click here to listen to Magus of Stonewylde (Part 2)
Click here to listen to Magus of Stonewylde (Part 3)

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