Newsletter number 45 and here we are at last - the final book in the Stonewylde Series about to be published.  And what a journey it’s been!  It’s now four weeks until Shaman of Stonewylde is out!  I hope so much that you all enjoy the last Stonewylde book.  I promise that all will be resolved, no loose ends, and the story will be done. And I do hope that many of my Dorset readers will be able to come along to Waterstones in Dorchester for the book launch on October 20th! Win a signed and dedicated copy of Shaman! We’re running a little competition, and all entries must be in by October 5th.  I need to find a name for my puppy - he’s a Golden Doodle, which is a Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle cross, and I’m collecting him on Oct 7th when he’ll be eight weeks old. Please come up with a good name for him, and if I choose yours, you’ll be contacted and I’ll send you the hardback book as soon as it’s published (or maybe a day or so before!). Winning name, more than one contender - name out of hat. Apparently he’s going to be a big, chunky dog and he’s very naughty already! He was my birthday present this week from Mr B - the best present in the world, I reckon! Entries before Oct 5th please, emailed to, putting “Puppy Name” in the subject. New version - please read! I know many of you who receive this newsletter have been with me from the start, and have the original self- published versions of the first three books.  If possible, please do beg, borrow or steal (well, perhaps not steal) a copy of the new Solstice at Stonewylde if you haven’t yet read the version published by Gollancz last summer. There are a few extra details I put in it that will be very relevant to your understanding of Shaman of Stonewylde! Promo films at last. Last summer when we launched Shadows at Stonewylde at Avebury, Gollancz sent a film crew to make some promotional films.  I felt awful leaving everyone in the Village Hall whilst I was taken all around the stones to be filmed and interviewed! And none of the microphones would work near the stones, which baffled the camera woman! But now, at last, the films are ready to be released, one a week until Shaman is published - please do share it. Thank you for your help! I really cannot thank everyone for all the help you’ve given me now, and over the years, in telling the world about Stonewylde.  Without your help, the books would never have reached such a huge audience. There’s been such an enormous swell of support and kindness, and I’m so very grateful.  And it’s not over! I hope that once the series is complete, sales will continue to increase until the whole world knows of Stonewylde! Please do add your reviews to Amazon, Goodreads, etc (but you must, must, must resist putting in spoilers PLEASE!).  Any more reviews for the other books would be great, especially poor Shadows which hasn’t had that many yet.  Please click here to leave a review on Amazon.  Other news ... I spent a great weekend recently at the Society of Authors’ conference, for the Childrens’ Writers and Illustrators Group.  It was wonderful to meet up with so many other authors, including Kevin Crossley-Holland who originally endorsed Stonewylde with the immortal words, “Allow this story to grab hold, and it may not let you go!”  You can read about the weekend on my Moongazy Girl blog here.  We spent a wonderful night at the Blue Moon in August with a group of Stonewylders at a very magical place.  We camped near to an ancient circle and although the moon decided not to show her face, it was an amazing experience that I shall never forget. Mr B is busy organising some lovely new things for the Stonewylde shop (yes, some do call him Harold!), and these will be announced in the Samhain newsletter.  In the last section below, there’s a very special offer on silver jewellery! In the meantime, enjoy the final Stonewylde book, and I hope to see you at a book signing event this year, or maybe  next year. I’ll be giving out badges and bookmarks at all the events, so please come along and get your book signed. Bright blessings to you and happy reading! Kit xxxxxx Breaking Stonewylde news      Stonewylde Newsletter 45 September 21st 2012 Bright blessings at    to all Stonewylders This is it, folks ... The Autumn Equinox is one of the four Fire Festivals. Like the Spring Equinox, it's a time when days and nights are of equal length, so it’s a time of balance and equilibrium. In some pagan calendars it's called Mabon. The Autumn Equinox is also the time of Harvest Thanksgiving, or Harvest Home, when Mother Earth is thanked for her abundance and bounty.  This is the time of the second harvest - fruits, nuts, berries and the last of the crops.  Lammas is the first harvest, when the cereal crops are harvested, and Mabon is the harvest of fruits, trees and the hedgerows In Cornwall an ancient ceremony called "Crying the Neck" is still performed around this time, when the last handful of cereal crops is harvested.  This is called the Neck, and local people get together each year to perform the ritual. Many people of all religions and traditions hold a Harvest Thanksgiving, and churches can be particularly beautiful at this time with their piles of fruit and vegetables. Pagans of course Visit the Stonewylde Website Dates for your diary ... Do come along and collect a bookmark and badge.  And if you own a Stonewylde T-shirt - please wear it! Book launch for Shaman of Stonewylde at Waterstone’s in Dorchester Saturday October 20th from 11.00am till 2pm.  All five books will be available!  At the last book launch in Dorchester, we sold out of copies of Shadows.  There’ll be plenty of copies of Shaman available at this launch, but if you know you’ll definitely be coming, you may like to reserve one to make sure of getting it.  And if you can’t make it on the day, they can reserve one and I can still sign it for you.  Waterstone’s Book Events Saturday October 20th - Dorchester, Dorset  *Book Launch Event* Saturday November 3rd - West Quay, Southampton, Saturday November 17th - Swindon, Wilts Saturday November 24th - The Oracle, Reading, Berks Friday December 7th - Camberley, Surrey The times for my Waterstones signings vary -  please check the website here for full details.  * Independent Book Shop Events * Saturday October 27th - Cat & Cauldron, Glastonbury, Somerset  2 - 5pm (Avalon Faerie Ball after) More events will be added - latest information and details can be found on the Stonewylde website here celebrate the fecundity of the Earth Goddess, and all the gifts she bestows upon us. This is the time of rejoicing in the abundance of nature. The light is different at this time of year, a rich golden colour compared to the brightness of summer. There’s a smell of woodsmoke in the air, with the nights growing colder. At Stonewylde, it's the time of the great apple harvest, and in the second book this is described at length, along with the traditional cider making process. The symbol of this festival is the acorn, representing the fruits of the land, with the potential for new life stored within. The symbols decorating the Great Barn and the painted on the stones at the Stone Circle are the acorn, conker, corn cob, dormouse, squirrel and of course the cornucopia, an ancient emblem of harvest and plenty. If your birthday's around this time (mine is!) or you feel an affinity with this festival, you can buy a silver acorn as a charm or to wear as a pendant from "Where the Wild Roses Grow", our Stonewylde jeweller. She’s recently created a stunning range of silver Ogham charms, and to celebrate the launch of Shaman of Stonewylde, she’s very kindly offering 10% off everything for sale on her website!  Just enter the discount code SHAMAN when placing your order. Do take a look at her beautiful silver jewellery here.          ©Steve Perry   In case you’ve missed it since we made the announcement at Lammas, here’s the cover of the fifth and final book in the Stonewylde series - Shaman of Stonewylde! I’m delighted with the cover, designed by Larry Rostant and the wonderful Art Dept at Orion/Gollancz.  Many thanks to all of them for doing us proud again.  Here is the back cover copy for the book - beware spoilers if you haven’t already read the other four books: In the final book of the series, the future of Stonewylde teeters on the cliff-edge. The Outside World clamours at the wrought iron gates, and the evil alliance within Stonewylde threatens to destroy everything.  With the new business and their relationship in tatters, Yul and Sylvie find their once-beautiful world has been desecrated by the dark forces. But Stonewylde is as old as the hills themselves, and the landscape endures. Leveret has discovered her true calling and is determined to lead the community back to the golden age of magic and prosperity. As the enchanting tale of Stonewylde draws to its end, Sylvie finally realises why she was brought here and Yul understands his true destiny.  Whilst Leveret sees exactly what lies ahead for Stonewylde … Please follow us on Twitter - there’s a Kit Berry profile and a Stonewylde one.  We also now have a brand new Stonewylde page on Facebook which will have competitions, giveaways and event notifications, so please help spread the word by “Liking” and sharing the page. Next week we hope to be putting up the first chapter of Shaman of Stonewylde on the website! Do check - the link will be on the front page!!!
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