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Horoscope 27th May 11 from Soraya My Weekly Resident Psychic Astrologer

You are coming to the end of what has been a complicated period. You can now take on tasks or responsibilities that give you pleasure rather than pain. Express your feelings.
You may meet someone that you are inexplicably drawn to and some mild flirting may take place. If you are both single pursue it if not enjoy it for what it is. Don’t act without thinking.
In comes Pluto stimulating massive changes. During this period you will be ambitious, practical, and disciplined and you are likely to find opportunities to better your present standing.
A very fortunate aspect enters your chart and things of a positive nature will occur making you much happier all round. Minor issue still exist but you won’t mind so much.
This is a period of intense feelings, and you may feel as though you are being manipulated by outside influences. Try to settle your mind and look at thing more positively as everything happens for the right reason.
Think, think, and think again and once you are clear of what it is that you really want make a nice clean orderly list. Now follow that list to the letter and start to make what you want happen.
Abundance is the word that I would use for you this week Libra and it will come in pleasure in financial matters and in friendships too. Enjoy and use this period wisely.
This should be a lovely period for you Scorpio and you should find that you are much happier than you have been. Domestic, social, and romantic matters will bring pleasure and success.
This may continue to be a trying time in many ways especially concerning business or financial matters. Do not get involved in buying, investing, or assuming heavy liabilities.
Think about these things that you need quiet and concentration for; now is a good time to embark on these projects even though you might feel socially inclined. Get your head down and concentrate first.
Don’t become fixated on ideas that only you think are feasible. Brainstorming is a good way of weeding out that which is useless and finding that which will grow in strength.
This week should show a great improvement in your mind and mood but you will have to work hard and pay attention to the small but important details to make the best of a good planetary influence.

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