Kit Berry

Living in Dorset for most of my adult life was wonderful, and if I hadn’t met Mr B and fallen in love, I’d never have left.  The stunning landscape and the ancient places – standing stones, burial mounds and ridgeways – inspired me to write the Stonewylde Series, my first published work.

 Before that I was a school teacher – primary and secondary – and loved it, though teaching is very hard work.  I also brought up my children alone, and as anyone who’s done it will know – that too is very hard work. 

Kit and Mr BI’m now a full time writer (far less stressful) and live on the edge of Reading, Berkshire.  I married Mr B and we are living happily ever after, with eight adult children between us (none of whom actually reside with us), a large Golden Doodle dog, two Burmese cats, and three chickens.  We have lots of family gatherings and I seem to spend a great deal of my time cooking feasts and making up beds.

 I have a little room of my own for writing, and my desk overlooks the garden which is always alive with birds and squirrels – and the chickens pecking away in their pen.  When I’m not writing or out and about doing author visits and research trips, I read a huge amount – both non-fiction for research and general interest, and good fiction that gives me plenty to aspire to. The number of books I own and buy is a constant worry to Mr B.

Dorset coastKit Berry proof readingI do all my thinking when walking the dog twice a day.  We live beside some lovely fields and woods, so I can pretend I’m back in Dorset.  I try to persuade myself that the roar of the M4 in the distance is actually the sea pounding the shores near Weymouth, and there are even seagulls sometimes.

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